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Ways Of Land Pollution

This world is a beautiful and diverse place. There are many amazing gifts that mother nature has to offer. There are various kinds of trees, some which are beautiful yet poisonous while others which are very useful for medicine and so on. There are various types of animals ranging from mammals to insects and reptiles. The diversity of the world is an amazing subject to ponder on. It makes an individual feel lucky to have the opportunity to live in this world. Therefore, it is absolutely important to make sure that we protect this valuable resource. Sadly, it is very disappointing to see that many people are polluting ad destroying the environment. There are many ways that the environment can be polluted but land pollution seems to be one that could be avoided and stopped with a few steps. Following are some ways that land is being polluted.Chemicals It is often seen that liquid waste disposal Adelaide is not done in an effective manner which causes many issues in the environment. It is evident that disposing chemicals into the surface of land to come intact with soil causes land pollution. This could be dine by anyone and does not have to be done by a company. A house hold throwing away toxic garbage is a form of land pollution as these chemicals ruin and destroy the soil. It becomes dead soil and no plants could be grown there after. Another way of land pollution by using chemicals is the use of pesticides. These are used on plants and other places which causes the toxic chemicals to wash away down to the grown and come intact with soil.

This too causes land pollution. It is commonly seen that many farmers and gardening enthusiasts use chemicals to protect their crops. However, it is important that these people are educated about the downside of using chemicals and encouraged to use other methods to protect their plants and crops. If alternatives are introduced and if we encourage people to protect the land from pollution with proper education and techniques, we can work towards making this planet a better place to live in. GarbageThe poor management of garbage and hazardous waste disposal Sydney has become an issue which creates various problems to the society. People have not realized the downside of dumping garbage everywhere as they continue to dispose garbage wherever they want. Citizens should be encouraged to stop this as it is one of the main reasons for land pollution. This also triggers the spreading of various illnesses and mosquitoes and other insects are prone to breed in these places. Therefore, we need to make sure we avoid the above ways of land pollution.

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