How To Turn Your Empty Backyard Into A Beautiful Garden

Getting tired of the view of your empty backyard or just moved to a new place with an empty lawn? You can always be creative and productive by turning that boring space into a beautiful and productive one. Here’s to know how.

Remove Unwanted Grass and Vegetation

Before you start planting seedlings of your choice, your lawn should be free from unwanted grass and vegetation. Remove it and its root to ensure that it’s clear and ready to be turned into a small flower or vegetable plantation.

Dealing with every gardener’s enemy: Weed

We all know that weeds are every gardener’s enemy, so it is better to know some facts about them. Having a little information about weeds can help you deal with it. Despite your efforts on removing and preventing them, they will still pop up and come back again and again. One way to minimize the growth of weed is using a landscape fabric before planting, but there are a lot more options. As a gardener, be ready and well-prepared to deal with your enemy. Learn how to control them.

Know your soil

Before planting anything, make sure that your soil is ready and capable of growing healthy plants. You can have your soil undergo tests that will let you know if your soil has nutritional deficiencies, acid, and alkaline content as well as the soil type – if it’s clayish or sandy because it can all affect the growth and the health of the plants. With that being said, you have to first make sure that the soil is fit for gardening, if not, make the appropriate actions to solve it, because it is the main foundation of the plant. This will have a huge effect on the results of your gardening.

Pick the right plants in your region

Pick your desired plants and seedlings but make sure to take into considerations the weather conditions of your place and if certain plants are not applicable to be planted in your area. Say, for example, there are plant species that grow only in specific regions like camellias Christchurch, jade vine, parrot’s beak and many others. So it is better to always check the best plants in your region.

Learn the art of composting

Even if you already have a good and healthy soil, you still need to learn how to compost and make an organic fertilizer. Nothing works best than natural and organic fertilizers. Know the basics and make your soil healthier.

Use your creativity

Always remember that plants have different classifications — shrubs, vines, ground covers etc. Use your creative skills to place these plants in the right area to make a great garden landscape. If you’re skillful enough, you can trim plants into different shapes, like ideal buxus chch. These plants are commonly known as box wood species.

Be organize and maintain cleanliness

It will be nice and advisable to label each seedling in an organized manner. You may think that you’ll be able to memorize every plant and seedlings you have. And always maintain cleanliness, in that way, you’ll easily notice if there are pests lurking in your plants. You can immediately take actions to control it.

Once your garden is all set up, all you have to do is maintain it and take care of it. Making a garden out of scratch is not a joke, more so is being a gardener, but once you see the outcome of your hard work, it’ll be more fulfilling and satisfying than you expected.