The Healing Effect Of Ear Candling

Most people in contemporary times are moving towards non-invasive techniques. Ear Candling is a very popular method which is quite in practice. It is an manufacturing high quality alternative products. It is an alternative method to good health and well being. Cerumen or ear wax is nothing but dead skin cells which are a mixture of water soluble secretions, like lysozyme, fatty acids, cholesterol, alcohol and squalene, produced by the ear glands in the ear canal. It is constantly being produced in the ear and acts as a lubricant. If it is produced less in amount, you may feel itchy inside the ears, but if it is produced in large amount, it may clog the ear canal.

Professionals use reliable ear cones effectively for removing ear wax from the ear as it is causing a blockage. It is cylinder in shape as the cotton is rolled up and has two ends, one smaller in size than the other which gets inserted in the ear. Traditionally these candles have beeswax, chamomile, sage and other herbal and aromatic products in it. The newer versions have aromatic oils like lavender, rosewood, peppermint etc. These are easily available in the market.

Purchasing supplies from any ear candle supplies wholesale supplier will prove to be cost effective. These supplies can also be used as incense sticks if doubled. The aromatic ones are very soothing and relaxing and help sooth your senses through auditory passage. It not just clears the ear canal, but also relaxes the body and has a calming effect as well.

How is it used?

The person needs to lie on their side with their ear facing towards the ceiling. Another person will insert the smaller end of the ear candle without any cover and may or may not use a paper plate for the ash or wax. The wider end is lit and left for a while in order to burn the flame. It is believed that the cone helps creating a vacuum inside the ears which helps bring out the ear wax and clear the canal. The heat helps in softening of the ear wax which comes out in the melted form. The flame is put off before it nears the ears. The process takes about 40 minutes. It is recommended to take help from another person and not just start off on your own as you may burn yourself.

Reasons more and more people are opting for this technique

• It will clear the ear wax which is acting as a blockage.

• The eardrum is relieved from the pressure which was created by the ear wax.

• The auditory sense is sharpened and a heightened sense of sound can be felt after the completion of the process.

• It relieves allergies, ear aches, headaches and sinus.

• Relaxes the mind and body.