Why Should You Buy This Healthy Beverage?

We all know that green tea is one of the best beverages for health. Even our doctors recommend us to take green tea as it holds innumerable health benefits.

There are many companies which produce green tea but you must select the one that’s reliable and guarantee quality to you. It would be wise to buy matcha tea of Japan. It is the healthiest and most nourishing green tea containing loads of health benefits. Click here if you want to buy matcha tea.

The best matcha tea is finely grinded and the color of the tea is neon-green. It is principally brewed and served in customary Japanese tea ritual. This special tea is also used for seasoning sweets, cookies, ice-creams, smoothies and alcoholic drinks. Though it is a bit expensive compared to other green teas, but it is worth buying it considering the health benefits it is bestowed with. The cost varies depending on quality and production of the tea.


This healthy beverage contains high quality vitamins, amino acids, chlorophyll, antioxidants, polyphenols and catechins. The tea contains approximately ten folds more polyphenols and antioxidants compared to other kinds of green teas.

Amino Acids

The amino acid L-theanine in this particular green tea helps in relaxing the mind so it is considered as a mood improver. Moreover, other amino acids in this green tea improve the taste and flavor of the tea. Hence, its taste is much different.


This green tea contains higher quality of antioxidants which is ten folds higher per gram compared to fruits and vegetables.

Catechin EGCg

This tea contains higher amount of catechin EGCg which fights cancer. Approximately 60% of catechin in the matcha green tea is of EGCg kind.


Since the tea is manufactured by steaming and freshening the tender leaves and buds in the shade it contains large quantity of chlorophyll. The chlorophyll detoxifies the body. The grinded powder is left in the tea and this increases chlorophyll ingestion. Also, this green tea is fibrous and free from sugar. This tea stimulates the immunity system, helps in digestion, betters teeth conditions and decreases bad cholesterol, blood pressure. It also reduces cancer risks.


Preparation of this tea starts many weeks earlier to harvest the tea leaves. The tea plantation is covered for three weeks before harvesting to create a shady condition. This is a part of production. This activity holds back the growth and expansion of the tea plants because it hampers the photosynthesis process. The leaves build up additional amino acids which add to the sweet savor of the green tea. To make it the best green tea, the premium quality tea buds are collected, vaporized and dried. After the leaves are dried, the stems and veins are carefully eliminated before crushing. The leaves are finely grinded into smooth powder.

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